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Polio News - June 2015

In June, we recognize the importance of strong surveillance systems in ending polio once and for all. The diligence of countless individuals to find, test and respond to potential polio cases around the world is essential to stopping the spread of the disease.
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Polio News - April 2015

This April, as we celebrated the 60th anniversary of Jonas Salk’s inactivated polio vaccine and World Immunization Week, we were reminded of three key elements needed to close the polio immunization gap:committed health workers and a secure environment for them to work in; strong surveillance programmes, which allow us to find and quickly respond to the virus; and effective vaccines to protect children from the disease.
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RotaFlash: India rolls out ROTAVAC® in private sector

On Monday, March 9, 2015, India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi rolled out an indigenously developed and manufactured rotavirus vaccine, ROTAVAC®, for the private market. ROTAVAC®’s Phase 3 clinical trial data demonstrated excellent safety and efficacy, with reductions of severe rotavirus diarrhea by more than half – 56 percent during the first year of life, with protection continuing into the second year of life.
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Polio News - February 2015

This February, we continued to see the importance of international commitment and cooperation in progress toward a polio-free world and improving health everywhere. The International Health Regulations' Emergency Committee met to review the Temporary Recommendations made last year, concluding that polio continues to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
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RotaFlash: Significant reductions in rotavirus-related hospitalizations in Malawi

Argentina and Tajikistan introduce rotavirus vaccines, bringing worldwide total to 75
New data from Malawi, one of the first Gavi-eligible African countries with high rotavirus mortality to introduce rotavirus vaccines into its national immunization program, demonstrate remarkable protection by vaccine against rotavirus-related hospitalisations.
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Polio News - November 2014

This November, as we approach two years into the Polio Endgame Plan, experts on polio eradication continue to track progress towards major milestones and to scale up efforts to overcome the last remaining challenges.
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RotaFlash: Rotavirus infections and related hospitalizations and deaths plummet in Brazil

New studies show remarkable evidence of rotavirus vaccine impact and effectiveness in Brazil 8 years after introduction of vaccines
Three new studies from Brazil highlight the effectiveness of rotavirus vaccines in preventing rotavirus hospitalizations and their impact on reducing rates of rotavirus infection and all-cause diarrheal deaths and hospitalisations.
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RotaFlash: Ethiopia perseveres to deliver rotavirus vaccines to all regions

Government, NGOs, religious leaders, and communities collaborate to overcome challenges in first year of rollout
Today, November 7, 2014, marks one year since Ethiopia’s national launch of rotavirus vaccines.
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