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MPA NNI ProtFit Clinic Program Microsite

Malaysia has the highest number of overweight and obese children in the South East Asian region1. This is unsurprising as more than 10% of all Malaysian children are obese2. These numbers are a concern as childhood obesity increases the likelihood for the child to become an obese adult with severe health complications3. This has been proven through studies that have found diabetes and hypertension developing in children as young as 10 years of age4.

Handbook for Clinical Management of Dengue

Since publication of the new edition of Dengue: Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2009, the need to provide more training to health-care workers in this area has become increasingly evident.

CPG - Management of Neonatal Jaundice (Second Edition) - Dec 2014

Neonatal Jaundice (NNJ) or neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia is one of the most common medical conditions in newborn babies. All babies have a transient rise in serum bilirubin but only about 75% are visibly jaundiced. Jaundice is clinically detectable when the serum bilirubin levels are >85 μmol/L (5 mg/dl). NNJ is more common among Asian babies and varies with races.

CME programme on 'Paediatric Health Challenges: Cutting the Gordian Knot'

Parents and healthcare professionals are active contributors to shaping the health and well-being of children. Achieving optimal health and nutritional status during early life ensures a strong foundation for future health. When faced with a sick child, many parents tend to consult their general physician.

Influenza: aiming at a moving target

An interesting video from European Scientists Fighting Influenza website.
The online influenza tool is a project of the European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI), a group of multidisciplinary scientists who aim to combat the impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza.

Positive Parenting Updates - New Issue Uploaded: PP13746/06/2013

At the Malaysian Paediatric Association, we understand the
challenges parents face in raising a child. That is why we bring together expert organisations and caring corporations through Positive Parenting to partner you in your parenting journey. Positive Parenting equips Malaysian parents with reliable, practical information to help you protect, nourish and nurture your child to his or her fullest potential.

Presentation Videos: Facts About Sugars 2 - Revealing New Facts

Presenters: Dr. Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin and Dr. Alan Barclay

Positive Parenting Updates - New Issue Uploaded!

The Positive Parenting programme, an initiative of the Malaysia Paediatric Association, brings together partners such as the Obsterical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia,

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