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Berita MPA July 2004

The National Seminar on Thalassaemia was a resounding success, attracting a large attendance and active participation all around. Now that it is over, we ought to look back at the event in total and see what we really accomplished.
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Berita MPA April 2004

Almost all paediatricians practising in this country have looked after thalassaemics and have felt their despair each time we are told they cannot afford the desferrioxamine (desferal) that they so badly require to live to their potential life expectancy.
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Berita MPA January 2004

Working for the MPA does give a certain satisfaction but it can lead to frustrations, too. After all, some quarters may regard one’s enthusiasm as an excuse for having nothing better to do with one’s life.
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Berita MPA October 2003

A few years ago, a member remarked that the MPA election was like a game of musical chairs where the committee members move around the posts with few new faces coming in.
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Berita MPA July 2003

This year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary as an association by organizing our annual scientific congress at the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. Although we had intended this to be a big occasion, we could not carry on with our grandiose visions of the silver jubilee due to time, manpower and threat of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) constraints. We decided to have a lower-key congress this year but with some notable international speakers and our usual social events.
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Berita MPA April 2003

The 11th January 2003 will be remembered as the historic day that a meeting of former presidents of MPA was held at the Concorde Hotel. After the committee meeting, a meeting with all former presidents was organised to discuss the direction we should be taking in charting the next 25 years. There was also a memorable photography session so that we can document this day in our history.

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