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Start them young on a healthy lifestyle

Parents need to tackle the issue of lifestyle diseases from young to minimise the risk of children growing up to become unhealthy adults.
»

Elak Serangan Batuk Kokol

Elak Serangan Batuk Kokol
»

Free online consultation on children healthcare at

SEREMBAN: Two local paediatricians have come up with a free online consulting service called on children healthcare to help worried parents deal with their children's medical woes.
»

Caring for your premature baby

Things you should know before bringing home your premature baby after he is discharged from hospital.

BABIES born before the 37th week of gestation are considered premature (sometimes called “preemies”). Such babies need special care and attention before they can be discharged from hospital.
»

Good childhood nutrition important for your child's health

Good early childhood nutrition can benefit your child’s health in the present, as well as the future.

WE are all aware that good nutrition is important for all ages and at all stages of life. Good nutrition, however, is especially important for infants, toddlers and young children as they need various vitamins and minerals in balanced proportions to help their bodies and minds develop and mature.
»

Saving lives with vaccines

Vaccines are undoubtedly one of modern medicine’s greatest success stories.

THE advent of vaccines in medicine has saved millions of lives all over the world. Diseases like smallpox have been eradicated, while other diseases such as polio are near being eradicated – Malaysia and the Western Pacific Region has been polio-free since October 2010.
»

Mums with depression

THE modern woman has many responsibilities, what with juggling a career and home duties. This type of lifestyle is highly stressful, and since women tend to focus more on caring for others to the extent of neglecting their own needs, this adds significantly to their levels of stress.
»

Wholesome grains

Whole grains benefit health in many ways.

DID you know that whole grains became a part of our diet over 10,000 years ago when man first discovered agriculture? It is a main source of energy and a staple diet in many societies around the world.
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