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Children get arthritis, too

Arthritis or joint inflammation is surprisingly common in children.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published in 2015 that one in 250 children have some form of joint pain that may be related to either an autoimmune condition or infection.
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Joint Statement - International Policy Statement for Universal Use of Kangaroo Mother Care for Preterm and Low Birthweight Infants

Dear IPA Member Societies,
Greetings from International Pediatric Association !!
We are pleased to inform you that the, 4 International Joint Statements was released on 15th February 2017 at Malawi.
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Childhood Drowning in Malaysia

Please find a letter from the Director General of Health Malaysia included.
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Polio News - December 2016

Dear polio eradication supporter,
The commitment of polio workers everywhere is a testament to the will of humanity to value and protect the health of every child. As we moved closer to eradication through 2016, this work continues to make a difference in the lives of children, and it remains an ultimate expression of human equity.
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Should Neonatologists Give Opinions Withdrawing Lifesustaining Treatment?

An infant has a massive intracranial hemorrhage. She is neurologically abstract devastated and ventilator-dependent. The prognosis for pulmonary or neurologic recovery is bleak. The physicians and parents face a choice: withdraw the ventilator and allow her to die or perform a tracheotomy?
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Polio News - October 2016

This month, the polio eradication programme recognised World Polio Day, marking progress against the disease and recommitting to the global goal of eradication. Following the recent setback in Nigeria, immunisation campaigns are ongoing across the region in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.
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Dengue Vaccine in Malaysia

I refer to the Sun Daily report dated 3 Nov 2016 which headlined “Govt yet to approve dengue vaccine due to lack of info: Subra”
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Routine Childhood Immunisation

This EPA article was first published in Harian Metro on 21 September 2016.
*EPA stands for Educational Press Articles, which are published by Positive Parenting every fortnight.

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