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New Gene Test Better at Detecting Autism Than Standard Genetic Testing CME

Chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) is at least 3 times more effective at identifying genetic abnormalities in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than other genetic tests currently recommended for clinical genetic testing in this setting — a finding that
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An Oath to My Grandfather

Afew Years Ago, In The Course Of Going through some old boxes of memorabilia, I came across a journal I had kept during the first couple months of medical school. “We recited the Hippocratic oath today,” one of the entries began. “Everyone stood up in front of their chairs and said it in unison. I’m so excited to get started with my medical school education!” Reading on, I found something in the text that surprised me.
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Paediatrician recommends HPV vaccination

After reading about the benefits of protecting my children against cervical cancer and genital warts, my son and daughter have started the HPV vaccination course and they are due for their second vaccination soon.
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Free drug rep lunches are alive and well: Are they compromising or are they no big deal?

A number of doctors I’ve spoken to are insulted that various organizations think they’re going to ’sell out’ for the price of a lunch; or who think they’re unaware of the drug rep’s motives. They feel that they have developed attitudes that insulate them from the pressure.
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MMR row doctor blasted as ‘irresponsible’

The doctor who caused a controversy by linking children’s triple MMR vaccine to autism acted unethically and dishonestly and had failed in his duties as a responsible consultant, a disciplinary panel ruled yesterday.
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IAAH 2009 Youth Declaration

We, the youths participating in the 9th World Congress of the International Association for Adolescent Health, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 28 to 30 October 2009, have gathered to listen, voice out and discuss issues related to young people’s health and we would like to affirm our collective rights and responsibilities in mobilizing resources and advocating for awareness on the importance of young people’s health.
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The Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Infection in Infants and Children

During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, often described as the most devastating epidemic in recorded history, 1 in 5 person was infected and an estimated 50 million lives were lost (1). The disease was so widespread and pervasive that even the children had a tune which they skipped rope to: I had a little bird, its name was Enza, I opened the window and In-Flu-Enza.
»

What is Stem Cell?

In the recent years, stem cell biology and stem cell research has captured both the scientific and international news headlines. It is universally agreed that there is an enormous potential in this area with the numerous clinical applications. Simultaneously, discussions and debates regarding the ethical issues have also been widespread.

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