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Recommendations of Stem Cell Seminar (Islamic)

With Allah's Help and Guidance, the IOMS held an international seminar on "Dilemma of Stem Cells: Research, Future and Ethical Challenges" in Cairo, Egypt, in cooperation with the WHO regional office in Cairo; UNESCO; ISESCO; and the Islamic Fiqh Academy in Jeddah. The Seminar took place between 23 and 25 of Shawwal 1428 A.H./3-5 November 2007 under the auspices of Professor Hatem Al Jabaly- the Egyptian Minister of Health and Housing
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State of Malaysian Children 2002-2004

This is the third issue of the series on State of Malaysian Children, the first in 1999 and the second 2001 in an attempt to present to the professionals involved in the care of children the quality of services, especially medical, now being provided in this country. In an attempt to collect information for this issue, we have come up with a very difficult situation in that,
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Jaundice In Newborns

As a parent, you might notice that your newborn baby’s skin (especially on the face) and the whites of his eyes look yellow. This yellow discolouration is called jaundice. Normal jaundice (or physiological jaundice of the newborn) is very common and seen in over two-thirds of all babies. It may be more intense in babies who are born early (preterm).

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Opinions : Haemophilus Influenza Type B Vaccine – Personal Thots

Our HiB national immunization campaign is well underway. MPA has put together a roadshow to update doctors on the “new kid” on the immunization bloc i.e. MMR and HiB. Quite evidently (and from private conversations with colleagues in the MOH), our HiB programme is very much patterned along those of the UK.
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Hepatitis B immunization in current clinical practice

Hepatitis B vaccine was first made available in 1982. The initial plasma derived vaccine was improved over the years and the current hepatitis B vaccines are manufactured using recombinant DNA technology and contains a portion of non-infectious hepatitis B virus gene coding for the HbsAg.
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Annotations: Advancements in Neonatology

Reproductive success is influenced by the interplay of multiple factors namely genetics, environmental, social, antenatal disorders and the birth process. The newborn period represents a most vulnerable transition in life not only because neonates are most likely to die on the first day of life than at any other time but also
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Opinions: MMR Vaccine & Autism – No Causal Association

To date there is no convincing evidence that any vaccine can cause autism or any kind of behavioral disorder. The only evidence that has been presented to suggest this association was published in the Lancet ( Wakefield et al 1998). The Wakefield paper which is the centre of the current MMR ( Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine ) controversy was not evidence based.

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The promise of combination vaccines

The success of modern vaccines is one of the most extraordinary accomplishments of medical science. In earlier generations many children contracted communicable diseases like polio and whooping cough, frequently with devastating consequences. Some children died; others were left with permanent impairments, perhaps dependent on a wheelchair.
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