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President Message 2011 - Common Goal – Improving the Lives of Children in Malaysia

First of all I would like to thank all members for giving me and the Executive Committee of 2011-2013 the chance to contribute to our beloved association. I consider it a real privilege to be the President of the Malaysian Paediatric Association but looking back at all the previous prominent and eminent presidents, I know it will be a tough act to follow. However, with the support and cooperation of our 790 members, I will take it as a challenge and hopefully together we can steer MPA to greater heights and achievements.
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President Message 2010 - Positive Parenting 10th Anniversary on World Children’s Day

It is with great pleasure I stand here today as president of the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) to oversee the progress and success of one of our programmes, Positive Parenting. It is amazing how far this programme has come, and all the different walks of life it has reached out to. I am very proud to be part of this wonderful celebration of World Children’s Day along with the 10th Anniversary of Positive Parenting!

The MPA was founded back in 1979, which makes us almost 31 years old, a long period in the life of a professional organisation. Our members have increased to nearly 600, and are made up of paediatricians, paediatric nurses, medical students, as well as those involved and interested in paediatrics and child health.
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President Message 2010 - Malaysian Paediatric Association 30 Years On…

I trust that by now you have all received a letter from me, introducing members of our Executive Committee who will endeavor to serve you and our society for the next 2 years.The MPA was formed in 1979 and that makes us 30 years old in 2009. It’s a long period in the life of a professional organisation.

We have seen significant changes in the way children are treated in this country over this period of time. The concerns about their health, education and social needs have continued to receive constant attention.
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President Message 2009 - Going Global

October will be a busy month for the MPA. October will see us hosting a major international congress in Kuala Lumpur, and also see us bidding for another major international conference for the year 2012. The 9th World Congress of the IAAH (International Association for Adolescent Health) will be held from 28-30 October 2009 in Shangri- La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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President Message 2009 - Human-Machine Interaction

One of the iconic moments of cinematic history was when Arnold Schwarzenegger aka Terminator says “I’m baaaack” in his inimitable Austrian accent. The most recent installment of the seemingly interminable Terminator series of movies has been released, and hit the jackpot at the box office once again. Not many people realise that it has been 25 years since the first Terminator movie came out in 1984. A whole new generation has grown up in that time frame, and in America these young ‘uns have even changed history by voting in the first black President.
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President Message 2009 - Risk Management in Medical Care

One cannot open the newspapers nowadays, nor access the internet, without being reminded of the catastrophic global economic situation we are now in. The only word that would do justice in describing the situation is ‘meltdown’. Only that word can accurately conjure the image of how presumably solid financial institutions can almost overnight liquefy and literally melt away.
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President Message 2009 - Thalassaemia Program

It was 4 years ago, in 2004, that the then Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, touched by the plight of the Thalassaemic community during a celebration of the World Thalassaemia Day, pledged to seriously address their long ignored needs.
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President Message 2008 - A Better World

The 30th Malaysian Paediatric Congress has just successfully concluded in Melaka. Many thanks to all who are involved, especially the local organising committee headed by Dr Kuan Geok Lan and her able lieutenants Dr Tam Pui Ying and Dr Zainah Sheikh Hedra.
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