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Should Neonatologists Give Opinions Withdrawing Lifesustaining Treatment?

26 December 2016

J.S. Blumenthal-Barby, PhD, a Laura Loftis, MD, a Christy L. Cummings, MD, b William Meadow, MD, PhD, c Monica Lemmon, MD, d Peter A. Ubel, MD, d Laurence McCullough, PhD, a Emily Rao, BA, e John D. Lantos, MDf

An infant has a massive intracranial hemorrhage. She is neurologically abstract devastated and ventilator-dependent. The prognosis for pulmonary or neurologic recovery is bleak. The physicians and parents face a choice: withdraw the ventilator and allow her to die or perform a tracheotomy? The parents cling to hope for recovery. The physician must decide how blunt to be in communicating his own opinions and recommendations. Should the physician try to give just the facts? Or should he also make a recommendation based on his own values? In this article, experts in neonatology, decision-making, and bioethics discuss this situation and the choice that the physician faces.

PEDIATRICS Volume 138, number 6, December 2016

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