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President Message August 2015 - Lessons Learnt as President

24 August 2015

From the President

Lessons Learnt as President

Dear friends and colleagues,

What a relief, I survived the 2-year term as President. Allow me to share some lessons learned and some wishes for MPA.

In the beginning, there were enthuasiam, ideas and plans. One would want to make things different. However I realised that it took more than enthuasiam and drive to make things different. Certain issues may take more than 2 years to change. I also realised that there were many things that I did not know. I learned a lot from the Exco members and at least at all times we decide as a team after a good exchange and discussion. I learn more about organizing conferences, relations with the Ministry and authorities, with the pharmaceutical & nutritional industries, ethical and public issues, the media and the press. However, unfortunately I am not in the “movers or shakers” group.

More pending issues

There are still many issues that need our attention. We need more of our members to be directly involved in subcommittees, in expert groups and in advocacy. It is always the same voices that make their noise heard or dare to speak. I am sure there are talents out there. There are people with burning desires to make a difference in our children’s well being. Please make yourselves heard to us. 

I would encourage the Paediatric Nurses group who are associate members to strengthen and organize themselves as a recognizable profession. I consider the Paediatric Nurses as our partners in child health and the pillar of good quality care and an extension of our management. You must rise to be recognized, noticed and be one of our advocates for quality care.

More interaction needed

I hope there will be more frequent and greater interaction between public, private and university members in current issues and in their respective specialties or common interests. We should not just interact during annual congresses only but in all avenues be it in cyberspace, chats or in lecture halls.

In future I can foresee greater difficulty in sponsorship and less funding from the private industries. As demand for more transparency in educational grants, and funding from the pharmaceutical industries, big players are shying away or are reluctant to participate. It is already happening in some countries. It is good governance to be transparent but not at the expense of stifling CME programmes and furthering knowledge and research. A better way is to formulate a guide for the sponsors and reduced loopholes and abuse of funds. We need self-governing rather than be governed by laws and legislation.

Better governance

My greater wish is to see better governance, and complete implementation of government policies for a more comprehensive child education, inclusive healthcare reforms and strengthening values and culture in positive parenting and childcare for all.

Lastly I wish to thank all my Exco members for giving me all the support and the harmony we kept in the meetings and most of all the ever hardworking and efficient Secretary, Prof Tang Swee Fong. My thanks also goes to Datin Saadiah Ahmad, and her team for keeping us “filled up” during our Sunday morning meetings.

I welcome the President Elect, Dr Thiyagar to the President’s chair for the next 2 years and continue to lead us for the better and into the future. 

I again extend our invitation to all to attend our 37th Annual Congress organized with the Asia Pacific Vaccinology update focusing on Pneumonia and Diarrhoea at the Shangri La Hotel KL.

Kok Chin Leong
President 2013-2015 

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