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Pediatric Medical Organizations Call on Global Community to Protect Children From War in Syria

19 April 2014
Since the conflict in Syria began three years ago, millions of children have been forced from their homes, witnessed horrific abuse and violence, and have been deprived of basic access to education and health care. The International Pediatric Association (IPA) join other humanitarian organizations in calling on leaders to end the violence against children in Syria.
“We are all called to protect the innocents of the world,” said Dr. Andreas Konstantopoulos, President of the International Pediatric Association, which represents 174 pediatric societies around the world. “The global community has the responsibility to end the violations against children that are occurring in Syria. An entire generation is being shaped by this conflict, and we have grave concerns about the long-term, catastrophic consequences for Syria, the region and beyond.”
UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children, World Vision, and Mercy Corps have launched No Lost Generation -- a public call to stop the violence and suffering for children, ensure humanitarian access and respect for humanitarian law, and invest in protection, education, support, and peacebuilding. The IPA joins UNICEF in urging key leaders to:
  • End the violence against the children of Syria. All those involved in the fighting must fully respect humanitarian law, end the recruitment of children, and commit to a peaceful resolution to this conflict.
  • Stop blocking humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian organizations must be allowed to safely reach all those who are suffering.
  • Halt all attacks against humanitarian workers and facilities - especially schools and hospitals.
  • Renew the commitment to reconciliation and tolerance.
  • Invest in the education and psychological protection of all children affected by the conflict.
“Children in Syria have been exposed to horrific violence, malnutrition, lack of health care, and separation from their families, and we urge leaders to invest in the psychological and medical support children need to emerge from the shadow of this conflict,” said William Keenan, MD, FAAP, Executive Director of IPA. “Beyond the immediate toll of the violence, many children have gone without access to the type of preventive health care – including immunizations – which we know is so important to a healthy trajectory in life.”
The IPA call on leaders to protect children’s rights in Syria and enable them to build a better future for themselves.
The International Pediatric Association represents 174 national and international pediatric societies around the globe. IPA is dedicated to the well-being and protection of all children. For more information, visit
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