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Berita MPA eBMPA March 2010

9 March 2010

A word from the editor

Welcome to e-BMPA. In between the hard copies of your BMPA, we decided to enhance the flow of information and a sharing of ideas with this more frequent but slimmer version of BMPA.

So make sure you’ve submitted your email addresses to our executive secretary to ensure your copy of this e-news. March e-BMPA focuses on the revised EPI in Malaysia, picks your thoughts on our linkages with the pharmaceutical industry and reports on the recently concluded neonatology symposium in Bangkok.

The DG of Health on Non 16, 2009 issued a press statement on the revised immunisation guidelines in the MOH. Virtually all private paediatricians have for quite a while converted to IPV (Inactivated Polio Vaccine), to zero the risk of VAPP (Vaccine Associated Paralytic Poliomyelitis) and used the combo incorporating aP (acelullar Pertussis) to increase compliance and reduce markedly the reactogenicity of the vaccine. Not surprising, considering 3,000 antigens in wP (whole cell Pertussis) vs 2-5 antigens in aP.e-BMPA highly appreciates and welcomes this vaccine move!

Our immediate past president, Dr. Soo TL has summarized the backdrop to the polls related to our relationship with the pharma industry. I hope you would do a quick read and join in our pollings to test the sentiments of our members. This will also be uploaded on our new webpage for us to acquire as large a sample is possible.

Musa Mohd Nordin

For further reading, please download the full eBMPA MARCH 2010 at below link...

  arrowe-BMPA MARCH 2010 (English - pdf - 957 Kb)   

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