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Immunisation Handbook 2013 Australia

9 April 2013

The Handbook is designed as a general guide to inform clinicians on the safest and most effective vaccination strategies, using the highest quality evidence available.

In the absence of high-quality evidence, such as well-conducted randomised controlled trials and meta-analyses, the ATAGI based its recommendations on less rigorous studies, such as uncontrolled clinical trials, case-series and/or other observational studies. Where clinical guidelines were available on specific topics, these were also consulted to help frame recommendations, if relevant, in the Australian setting. Further details on literature search strategies utilised for the production of this edition can be found in Appendix 2. The ATAGI also consulted immunisation handbooks produced by comparable countries. When published sources were inadequate, recommendations were based on expert opinion.
However, limitations and challenges to developing recommendations continue to exist when there are unaddressed scientific questions, complex medical practice issues and continuous new information, as well as differences in expert opinion.
Despite these limitations, the ATAGI has sought to provide clear and relevant recommendations wherever possible.
Please download the full handbook below...

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