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Paediatric Protocols for Malaysian Hospitals Third Edition

7 January 2013

Foreword to the Third Edition

It has been 7 years since we produced the first edition of a national protocol book for Paediatrics. This effort was of course inspired by the Sarawak Paediatric Protocols initiated by Dr Tan Poh Tin. The 2nd edition in 2008 has proven to be very popular and we have had to recruit the services of the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) to produce extra copies for sale. It is now the standard reference for House officers in Paediatrics.
In producing a third edition we have retained the size and style of the current version, essentially only updating the contents. Again it is targeted at young doctors in the service many of whom seem to have had a suboptimal exposure to paediatrics in their undergraduate years. It is hoped that the protocol book will help them fill in the gaps as they prepare to serve in district hospitals and health clinics.
The Ministry of Health has once again agreed to sponsor the printing of 1000 books and 500 CDs for distribution to MOH facilities. We shall be soliciting the help of the MPA in producing extra books to be sold to those who wish to have a personal copy. As a result of the full PDF version being available on the MPA website (further down on this page), we have had requests from as far away as Kenya and Egypt to download and print the material for local distribution. We have gladly allowed this in the hope that it will contribute to better care of ill children in those and other neighbouring countries.
As previously this new edition is only possible because of the willingness of busy clinicians to chip in and update the content for purely altruistic reasons and we hope this spirit will persist in our fraternity. Prof Frank Shann has gracefully agreed for the latest edition of his drug dosages handbook to be incorporated into the new edition. The Director General of Health has also kindly provided a foreword to this edition.
We wish to thank all who have made this new edition possible and hope this combined effort will help in improving the wellbeing of the children entrusted to our care.
Hussain Imam B. Hj Muhammad Ismail
Ng Hoong Phak
Terrence Thomas
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