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Scientific Programme

5 March 2011

Scientific Programme


A. Pre-Congress

• Scientific Writing
• Cochrane Workshop
• Social Paediatrics ~ Child Abuse

B. Main Congress

Plenary Sessions

P1: Hard Talk: Millennium Development Goals: To be Met or Not
P2: Near Death and Death in Paediatrics
P3: Essentials of Bites and Stings
P4: Palliative Care

Symposia Sessions

S1: Paediatric Neurology
S1.1 CNS Infection: Diagnostic Dilemmas
S1.2 Status Epilepticus: What’s New?
S1.3 Managing Children with Raised Intracranial Pressure

S2: Neurology from The Nurses Perspective
S2.1 Nursing Care of The Child with Cerebral Palsy
S2.2 Spastic Children: Exercise Made Easy
S2.3 Care of The Acute Neurological Patient

S3: Infectious Diseases
S3.1 Adjunctive Therapy in Sepsis
S3.2 Emerging Emergencies in Paediatric Infectious Diseases
S3.3 HIV Remaining Issues

S4: Asthma
S4.1 Old Disease, New CPG?
S4.2 Dealing with Acute Asthma
S4.3 Dealing with Difficult Asthma

S5: Respiratory Paediatrics
S5.1 Non-Invasive Ventilation in Acute Patients – Outcome and Pathophysiology
S5.2 Acute Bronchiolitis – An Old Disease with Still Many Open Questions
S5.3 Home Ventilation: Practical Issues

S6: Nursing Care in Respiratory Paediatrics
S6.1 Nursing Secrets of Non-Invasive Ventilation
S6.2 Mucous Clearance and Modalities in Respiratory Physiotherapy
S6.3 Aerosol Therapy: Get It Delivered Right

S7: Developmental Paediatrics
S7.1 ADHD: What is New?
S7.2 Autistic or Not
S7.3 Slow Learner: What’s Next?

S8: Neonatology: An Update for Other Subspecialists
S8.1 What is New Regarding Neonatal Jaundice?
S8.2 Ventilating The Premature Lung: Current Practice and Outcomes
S8.3 Antenatal and Bereavement Counselling

S9: Neonatal Nursing
S9.1 Holistic Approach to The Child with Neonatal Jaundice
S9.2 Integration of Alternative and Complementary Modalities in Neonatal Nursing – A Challenge for Nurses

S10: Paediatric Cardiology
S10.1 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
S10.2 Intractable Cardiac Failure
S10.3 Paediatric Cardiac Surgery with Limited Resources

S11: Metabolic / Genetic
S11.1 Sorting Out A Metabolic Mess
S11.2 Presentations About Specific Recent Services Discoveries in Malaysia

Panel Discussion
Inequalities: Who Cares?

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