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Berita MPA eBMPA December 2010

2 December 2010

A Word from the Editorial Team

Salams & Peace

Thousand apologies for the hiatus in the issue of e-BMPA. One of us has been MIA in Gaza and the Diwali & Eidul Adha festivities were simply sumptuous & overwhelming. MPA activities have continued to be abuzz. The latest - the 10th Anniversary of Positive Parenting held in conjunction with World Children’s Day. Lots of photos on this joyous occasion. Excerpts from the President of MPA and the Chairman of PP speeches have been included in this issue.

I hope you would enjoy reading Dato’ Dr Param’s article as much as I did … with loads of chuckles in between. My wife was wondering what was tickling me on the PC! And I truly wish more of our senior MPA colleagues would share their memories of their paediatric practise & experiences.

I have summarised my rendezvous to Gaza in a letter I wrote to Pippa, one of our senior convoy members. She is a glamorous and stylish British lady 5 years my senior, who with many others drove overland 4,000 miles from London via France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt and into Gaza. On 21st Oct 2010, 400 volunteers in 150 big vehicles laden with RM16 million worth of educational & medical aid cruised into Palestine, under the Viva Palestine 5: Lifeline to Gaza, to break the Israeli Siege on Gaza hooting and shouting “From the mountains to the sea, Palestine will be Free” and “Free Palestine, End the Occupation”

Musa Mohd. Nordin (VP 0099)

Please download the full newsletter below for further reading...

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