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Berita MPA eBMPA July 2010

19 July 2010

A Word from the Editorial Team

Yes! We finally decided on The Hilton KL for the our next MPA Congress on the 15-17 Oct 2010. An esteemed professor remarked - amboi! posh nya. I suppose MPA is moving up the corporate profile! But the plain truth being, that was the ONLY available venue for our dates. 

Have you received hard copies of the Congress Announcement via snail mail or your soft copies via email vie the MPA Alert? More importantly, have you registered? Our e-mail MPA Alert would soon inform you of the Pre-Congress in Selayang Hospital on the 14 Oct 2010, a workshop on the Role Palliative Care in Paediatrics.

Suprisingly, we have had a most gratifying response from the pharmaceutical industry considering the economy slump. We have sold both our platinum and gold sponsorship - a record sorts. And three months to the Congress ALL of our booths are SOLD OUT! And industry have also taken up two of our dinner talks and three of our lunch talks. So you can expect lots of freebies, games, and prizes that always makes our congress a much fun filled affair - OK!OK! Second to our intellectually intoxicating academic program. The latter will line up some of the best brains in Malaysian paediatrics.

I had a good fortune to re-connect with one of our past-presidents, Dato' Dr. N. Parameswaran who now resides in Sydney. Together with Dr. Michael Khor, they authored 'Down Memory Lane' in 1994, reminiscing the icons of early Malaysian paediatrics. In his foreword, Dato' Para as he is fondly known, wrote "...we are privileged to be able to compile their memorable moments of paediatric history into a book that we hope will inspire the doctors of tomorrow as they prepare to guide our health service into the 21st century. As we read their memories, we feel humbled by the dedication and self service they showed as they single mindedly sought to improve the total health of our children..."

Dato' Para has continued this archiving tradition by posting to e-BMPA an article on the Dr. David Bowler (1924-1990) who similarly stamped on indelible mark on the history of early paediatrics in the Malaya. Our heartfelt thanks to Dato' Para for this invaluable and continuing contribution to Malaysian paediatrics.

I have also included a conversation which Zul, Para & myself have had on the importance of continuing this documentation of our history, lest it be forgotten! To begin with I would be overjoyed if Dr. Michael Khor or Dr. Khor Chong Tuan in Penang could email me the soft copy of "Down Memory Lane" for uploading on our webpage. You should be able to download from our homepage our "25 years souvenir book" another landmark historical page in our evolution.


Peace and God Bless
The Editorial  Team

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