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Berita MPA eBMPA June 2010

7 June 2010

A Word from the Editorial Team

It’s final! The 32nd MPA congress will be held from 15-17 October 2010 at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur. The scientific program revolves around Ambulatory Paediatrics and should be in your mailbox and on-line soon. Bok your flights, hotels etc and spread the word and by the way don’t forget to register? The poll on pharmaceutical logos of our homepage sure is picking up. So we are actually getting , yeah! When I last browsed on 31 May 2010; 23 (64%) said YES; 11 (31%) said NO and 2 not sure. We would appreciate a bigger sample size to make the poll more meaningful, a pulse of the ‘pharma emotion’ of our readers? And do partake in our future polls.

Maybe I should allude about the Freedom Flotilla is en route to Gaza. I wrote a short piece of the Life Line to Gaza and it is a sort of a useful lesson in history and also to touch base with our humanitarian soul. The following day, the Israeli armed forces stormed the Flotilla. Like 1947 for the British, 2010 will be Israeli’s PR nightmare! Maybe the Zionist wrongly understood Henry Fonda, when he wrote “History is bunk”!

Our paediatricians, some 70 of them had and intellectual renzvous in Prot Dickson from 22-23 may 2010. It was a good mix of old and new faces. Unfortunately the MOA executive committee could not join the fun, they were in business mode in the MPA board room! We have a summary of the talks by the guest speakers.

Soo, our past president has posted a most interesting article to share with all.. Suffice for me to quote the closing remarks to interest you to read “the doctor is an angel when he tenders his cure and a devil when he tenders his bill.’

Musa bin Nordin

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