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  From the President
Dear friends and colleagues,
2014 was an eventful year. There were disasters after disasters both locally and globally. Our very own aviation industry was hit with 3 flight crashes with no survivors, killing more than 500 people.
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  A Show Of Solidarity  
The YES to Pneumococcal Protection campaign, initiated by parent-led Parenting2u in partnership with the Malaysian Paediatric Association and Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal Prevention (ASAP).
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  The coming of age of paediatricians: Life after retirement  
International Paediatric Congress 2013, Melbourne, 24-29 August 2013
By Musa Mohd Nordin
Three of us Malaysians woke up early for this Meet the Experts (MTE) session. One did not fit the age bill because she had loads of paediatric years ahead unlike us who were inching to the finishing line.
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  14th APCP and 4th APCPN 2012 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia  
The 14th Asia Pacific Congress of Pediatrics and 4th Asia Pacific Congress of Pediatric Nursing ended on 12th September after attracting 1284 registered delegates and speakers, almost 60% of whom were international delegates.
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  CPG - Management of Neonatal Jaundice (Second Edition) - Dec 2014  
Neonatal Jaundice (NNJ) or neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia is one of the most common medical conditions in newborn babies. All babies have a transient rise in serum bilirubin but only about 75% are visibly jaundiced. Jaundice is clinically detectable when the serum bilirubin levels are >85 μmol/L (5 mg/dl). NNJ is more common among Asian babies and varies with races.
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  Dengue: Then and Now  
The first report of Dengue Fever (DF) was documented in Malaysia in 1902 and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in1962. In 1973, a major dengue epidemic was recorded and DF has since become endemic in Malaysia with major outbreaks every 3–4 years.
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  IPA Newsletter: Year 2015 Vol. 10 Issue 2  
In this issue:
Message from the President
Message from the Chief Editor
IPA ongoing activities
− Executive Director’s Report
− IPAF Report
− IPA EC & SC Meetings
− WHO Report
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  Polio News - April 2015  
This April, as we celebrated the 60th anniversary of Jonas Salk’s inactivated polio vaccine and World Immunization Week, we were reminded of three key elements needed to close the polio immunization gap: committed health workers and a secure environment for them to work in; strong surveillance programmes, which allow us to find and quickly respond to the virus; and effective vaccines to protect children from the disease.
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  Measles & Rubella Initiative Newsletter - World Immunization Week  
April 24 marked the beginning of World Immunization Week (WIW)
a global campaign aimed at promoting the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. This year’s WIW focuses on closing the immunization gap and reaching equity in immunization levels as outlined in the Global Vaccine Action Plan, the framework dedicated to extending the full benefits of immunization to all people by 2020.
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  26th Annual Scientific Meeting of Malaysian Society of Neurosciences  
Date: 5 - 7 June 2015
Venue: WEIL Hotel, Ipoh

  Basic Paediatric Echocardiography Workshop 2015  
Date: 14 August 2015
Venue: University of Malaya Medical Centre (Conference room, Level 7, Menara Selatan)

  37th MPA Congress & Asia Pacific Vaccinology Update  
Date: 16 - 19 September 2015
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Theme: Paediatric Infections and Vaccinology



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